Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Team Skandic

Made a day trip out to a friends trapline today and it was pretty sucessful, 27 Marten, 1 Mink, 1 Ermine, 5 flying Squirell, 3 red Squirell & 1 Stellar Jay. Its real unfortunate for the flying Squirell's and Jay but this happens.

We both have Skandic SWT's with the 800 four stroke engines they both operated just great, mine had been parked since last April, I checked the oil filled it up and off I went no problem at all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Sometimes when we do repetitive things we get a little careless. 
I was in the bush and came across a small birch tree across the
road. I grabbed the sapling with my left hand and swung my 
machete with the right. The angle of the blade was to shallow,
It glanced off the tree and sliced my finger at the knuckle.

I was by myself and lost a fair amount of blood. This just goes to 
show how quickly things can happen, next time I will be a 
lot more careful. Oh yeah this was the first time I swung this new
tool, sure is sharp!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Faces in the woods.

Went for a walk in the bush today and happened to notice a mark on the bark of a cottonwood tree. It was around ten feet off the ground and on closer inspection found that someone had carved a face on the tree bark, around four inches in diameter, very interesting.