Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16/2010

Well to heck with bridge construction pictures and on with things I really enjoy doing. The Moose antler I am holding is the largest one I have ever found. Moose shed their antlers every Winter between the months of December to March. In the Spring they start growing new ones which grow quite rapidly, they are covered with velvet and fully grown again by August. At this time they start rubbing their antlers on small trees and bushes which removes all of the velvet.
The bird is a Stellar Jay they are very beautiful and very noisy. They are mainly found in the forests, and are usually not found in urban areas. They feed on seeds, berries, and will also feed on carrion.
The building is just a new shed which I built for my horses, on my next day off I will install the tin on the roof and pack some fine gravel around it.


  1. Hi Steve You did a fine job on that shed. We have jays in the but mostly in England not up in Scotland :)Brian(:

  2. Hi Brian I started that shed in September 2009, and still need to put the roof on. I am also from England but have been here since 1967